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Fitnes centar “Space Gym“ – Novi Sad 7.9 (14)

Fitnes centar “Space Gym“ – Novi Sad

Space gym is a young and promising company, formed with a couple of sportsmen from Novi Sad to make quality equipment for gyms and fitness centers.
Small, local workshops were unable to supply quality products in this area, and the world’s leading manufacturers are too expensive even for large fitness center. Guided by this fact, the designer and constructor Miroljub Ničić, with friends, started producing trainers, weights and other gym equipment of high quality and simple design.The company employs nine workers, one engineer and one designer. Workshop is 150m2 with CNC machining, laser cutting and welding, casting it’s own weights and doing it’s own painting, powder coating and upholstery , with 300m2 of warehouse space and have a show room gym.Interests:
Why are we the best? We made unprecedented innovations in the production of trainers, our designers and constructors have extensive experience in sports. Trainers, which accurately hit the targeted muscle groups, are precision made from quality imported materials, with stylish and simple design. We have computerized precision in workmanship, quality finish, self production of all elements, low-price.

Creation of Space Gym brand.
Development and new patented products (inventions).
Development and production of high class trainers for home use (gym on the apartment wall).
Further development of company marketing.
Increased production.
Development of service and maintenence department.

Though our clients are professional athletes and big fitness centers with demands for high quality equipment, there is an entire program for people who look after their health, but have no time to go to a fitness center. With innovations in fitness equipment, it is now possible to buy one trainer that is an entire gym of high quality, small dimensions, and saves you time and money spent on going to the gym (gym on the apartment wall).

Product placement on highly competitive markets of America, Asia and the European Union, as well as positioning on the domestic market.

Gym on the apartment wall
is our separate production program, developed in cooperation with top athletes, for their needs, and adapted for people who don’t have time to go to the fitness center. These multifunctional machines are mounted on our clients’ apartment or house wall, still containing all the exercises we are used to doing in the gym, as well as our constructors innovations, never before seen in fitness equipment production.This form of training is far simpler for people who use it for recreation as well as athletes, and saves time and money spent on going to the gym. Trainers are of high quality, they have a modern design, a quality finish, made from imported materials and with computerized precision manufacturing

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065/5540-593 , 065/5540-595

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